Common Canada Immigration Interview Questions and Answers

Giving the right answers to canada immigration interview questions can be the thin line between you being handed a visa or not. So if you are wondering “How can I pass my visa interview?” then read through this article, as we have listed common canada immigration interview questions and answers to ace your interview.

What usually happen in Canadian immigration interview? The interviewer generally has read your relevant materials and entered it into the computer system before the interview.

During the interview, the interviewer will introduce himself first, and then start to ask questions. Here are some common Canadian immigration interview questions and their corresponding answers:

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Canada Immigration Interview Questions and Answers

1. Why do you want to immigrate to Canada?

This question is very important, and is usually the firs. It can be explained from several aspects:

1. First, attraction by Canada’s loose immigration policy;

2. Canada is an economically developed, politically stable and peaceful society, and is a suitable country for living and working;

3. In Canada, you and your family can better use your knowledge and talents.

In short, show that you really want to immigrate to the Canada to utilise your skills and develop. Do not say that it is because of country’s problems that you want to go to Canada.

2. Please tell us about your education status

This is one of the Canada interview questions that might seem tricky, as not many are privileged with academic honours.

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Nonetheless, introduce the schools and majors you have studied, the certificates or awards you have obtained, and your specialties. If necessary, present relevant originals.

3. Please introduce your work and expertise

For this Canada immigration interview question, you should introduce the location, responsibilities and departure time of each of your jobs. The focus is on job responsibilities and you can show relevant recommendation letters.

4. Where have you or your family lived in the past 10 years?

This Canada immigration interview question is generally reconcilable.

5. Are you a member of any organization?

Your answer to this Canada immigration interview question should include any professional, commercial or political organization and group.

6. Have you (family) ever…?

These Canada immigration interview questions fall under item 27 in your application form.

Questions such as your health status, whether to participate in war, etc.,will be asked, so just answer with “yes” or “no”. The interviewer needs will also need to see your (family) original criminal record.

7. Why did you choose to be a (your profession)?

You can answer this Canada immigration question by stating that you have an education or work background in this area; introduce your professional skills.

8. What is your impression of Canada?

You can discuss your friends and relatives in Canada, or what you learned about Canada from books and TV.

This is one of the most important Canada immigration interview questions as the more you talk about this, the easier it is to make a good impression on the visa officer.

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9. Since you have a good job in your country, why do you need to immigrate to Canada?

It can be said that you like new challenges and Canada is more suitable for you to display your talents.

For example: “Because Canada needs my talents in this field, my job is on the occupation list”.


The results of the interview may be very different from your own predictions. As long as you are fully prepared, the interview will not appear difficult. Many applicants find the Canada immigration interview very simple.

The above is a list of common questions in Canadian immigration interviews and a sum up of what happens in visa interviews. Although most visa officers are very friendly, you still have to prepare for the challenge.

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