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1. Which of the following statement about the transfer of energy in an ecosystem is correct? (a) energy increases at higher trophic levels (b) more organisms can be supported at higher levels (c) there are fewer organisms at lower trophic levels (d) energy is lost at each trophic level

2. The major excretory organ in mammals is called_____(a) hormone (b) kidney (c) anus (d) skin

3. Which of these organisms is both holozoic and autotrophic? A. Spirogyra B. Paramecium C. Euglena D. Amoeba

4. A plant that grows on another plant without apparent harm to the host plant is called A.a parasite B. an epiphyte C. a saprophyte D. a predator

5. Given the equation: 6CO2 + 6H2O → C6H12O6 + 6O2 {Under sunlight & Chlorophyll) The process represented by the above equation is A.proteinsynthesis B. respiration C. photosynthesis D. transpiration

6. The function of lenticels is remove excess water in plant B. to absorb water from the atmosphere C. for gaseous exchange D. to absorb light E. to store food

7. Which of these tissues serves the function of support and water conduction A.Parenchyma B. Collenchymas C. Xylem D. Phloem

8. Which of the structure listed below is peculiar to the axis vertebra? A.Odontoid process B. Anterior zygapophysis C. Posterior zygapophysis D. Lateral spine

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9. The region of cell division in a root is a. Root cap b. Endodermis c. Xylem d. Meristem

11. Which of the following is not an excretory organ in animals?a.lungs b. kidneys c. leaf d. skin

12. Which of these diseases cannot be controlled by killing the vector? A.River blindness B. Malaria C. Polio D. Cholera

13. Which one of the following is not an excretory product? a. urine b. sweat c. feces d. salts

14. Grasses, grasshopper, lizards, snakes, hawks. In the food chain, the organism which is the least in number is a. grasses b. grasshopper c. lizards d. hawks

15. Which of these is not true? grass in the above food chain A.trap all the sunlight B. trap a small percent of the sun energy C. are primary producers D. are eaten by primary consumers

16. Which of the following spreads malaria in Nigeria? a. anopheles mosquito b. Culex mosquito c. tsetse fly d. housefly

17. The joint between the atlas and axis vertebrae allows for a. rotator movement only b. up and down or nodding movements only c. rotatory and nodding movements d. no movement

18. The causative agent of cholera and typhoid fever is a. mosquito b. tsetse fly c. housefly d. bacteria

19. Which of the following is a beneficial effect of bacteria a. causing staphylococcus b. compost formation c. causing typhoid fever d. causing syphilis

20. The culture solution used in culturing micro-organisms is called _____ a. sterile b. inoculating loop c. agar d. microscope

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21. The following are ways through which micro-organisms can enter our body except a. animal bite b. the anus c. sexual contact d. inoculation

22. ______ is the plant cells that are found between the phloem and xylem and constantly dividing cells a. meristem b. parenchyma c. pith d. cambium

23. _____gives mechanical support and flexibility to plants a. collenchymas b. parenchyma c. phloem d. sclerenchyma

24. ____ lubricates the joints and helps to reduce friction a. synovial membrane b. synovial fluid c. ligament d. joints

25. The type of joint that allows movement in all directions is a. pivot b. hinge c. ball and socket d. gliding and sliding

26. ____helps to hold bones together a. ligament b. tendons c. sutures d. articular cartilage

27. The immovable joint of the skull is called a. sutures b. cranial c. tendons d. pivot joint

28. The fusion of bones in the pectoral girdles that provides a hollow for the attachment of the head of the humerus is called _____ a.acetabulum b. girdles c. limbs d. glenoid cavity

29. The splitting of water into two components (hydrogen ion and hydroxyl ion) is known as ____ of water a. photolysis b. hydrolysis c. hydrogenation d. oxidation

30. In which of the reaction does photosynthesis occur a. endothermic b. exothermic c. oxidation d. redox

31. ____ act as a building block on which other food substances are built a. chemosynthesis b. photosynthesis c. nutrition d.


Answer any two (2) questions of your choice

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1a.       Define photosynthesis and give a chemical equation to represent that

b. Explain the dark stage of photosynthesis c. Give four merits of photosynthesis

c. State four conditions for photosynthesis to take place

2a. Define skeleton and give three components of the skeleton

b. In a tabular form, give four differences between bones and cartilages

c. State where each of these can be found in the body

i.Hyaline Cartilage ii. Fibro Cartilage iii. Elastic Cartilage

3a.Explain the three types of skeleton

3aii. Define Joint

3b. List all the four types of movable joints and where they can be found in the body

c. State one function of each of the vertebrae

4a. State five (5) functions of supporting tissues in plants

b. Give one function each of i. Phloem ii. Xylem iii. Parenchyma iv. Collenchyma

c. Define micro-organisms and give five groups of microorganisms you know

5a. Define culturing and state five apparatus needed in culturing

b. State two beneficiary effects of micro-organisms under the below headings

c. In medicine ii. In industries

6a. Complete the tables below

Vectors Microorganisms Diseases caused
Sleeping sickness

b.       Write shortly on the below:

i. Vaccination ii. Symptoms iii. Microorganism iv. Pathogens

v. Ligaments vi. Epidermis or piliferous layer vii. Pith

c. State five (5) harmful effects of microorganisms


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