14 Best Online Chemistry Classes For Beginners and Advanced | 2022

In the early days of chemistry, it was mainly used for brewing beer and developing explosives. However, as time passed on, chemistry has evolved into a science that is used to study all kinds of chemical phenomena.

In this article, we have a careful roundup of the best chemistry courses and classes online for anyone who is interested in the field.

#1. Become A Chemistry 1 Master – Basic Principles Of Chemistry

With this programme you will lead yourself to a solid professional knowledge of chemistry Education and Bioopen source education is at the center of a wide range of studies.
This full-version career-building excercise covers all aspects comprised within this profession, from rigorous theoretical foundations to practice in an ever-changing environment.
Over the course of this programme you will learn exactly how adopting analytic thinking.

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#2. Master The Fundamentals Of Chemistry (Part 2 of 4)

In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of chemistry and how they relate to everyday life. You will also get to know about the different elements, their properties and how it affects our lives.
You will learn all you need to know about chemistry, and also get insightful knowledge in the IGCSE and GCSE Chemistry courses.


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#3. Chemistry 101 – Part 1 Principles of Chemistry

Chemistry is the study of elements and their properties. It is one of the oldest sciences. Even today, chemistry has a huge impact on human life.
Chemistry 101 a very introductory chemistry course, it covers all the important aspects you need to know while you prepare for tests or exams.

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#4. General Chemistry with basic concepts/keyword of chemistry

The general chemistry course we are going to learn about is one of the most essential science subjects for today. It’s a lot of fun to learn about chemistry and also it’s a lot of useful things we can do with it.
If you’re a high school student, college student or just someone who wants to learn chemistry, then this introductory course is for you. This course will teach you everything about chemistry from the very basic to the more advanced topics. You’ll get this course over four Saturdays and in three online videos lectures.

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#5. Introduction to Chemistry: Structures and Solutions

This is the first introduction to chemistry and its structure. It will introduce some of the most important chemical compounds in our bodies and how they are made. This includes a small introduction on the elements of the periodic table.
Not only is chemistry a commonly successful and lucrative field, but it also provides essential background knowledge in basic sciences. The lessons on chemical diagrams, tables of elements, atomic structure and properties will make you familiar with the physical principles involved in chemical reactions.

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#6. Advanced Chemistry

In the old days, chemistry students learned about the basic chemical reactions and discovered many important properties of molecules. Today, we have a chance to learn about some more advanced topics such as quantum physics and quantum chemistry.

Students should have a comprehensive understanding of physical chemistry concepts including theoretical, kinetic and reaction kinetics, symbolic methods for solving chemical problems, physical/chemical properties of chemical reactions and their applications to environmental analysis, quality control, health and safety monitoring systems

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#7. Chemical Biology

Chemical biology is a rapidly growing field with its burgeoning interest. Some people believe that it has the potential to revolutionize the origin of life sciences and other disciplines.

It can study crucial processes (excitation oscillations, heat transfer, redox coupling) in living cell, organisms, or synthetic models at the molecular level. The ultimate goal of chemical biology is to understand how these molecules interact in the human body.
This is one of the best organic chemistry classes available online.

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#8. Organic Solar Cells – Theory and Practice by Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Organic Solar Cells is also one of the best online organic chemistry courses. Organic solar cells are now playing a major role in the national energy mix and this course underscore its possibilities
The course is made up of the theory of organic solar cells and materials, stability, and production.

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#9. Basic Analytical Chemistry

Analytical chemistry is a science that deals with the study and manipulation of molecules. The field is split into two branches: qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis.
It covers the basics of
The purpose of this course is to introduce you to the basic building blocks of chemistry, the experimental and analytical methodologies, as well as the role of chemistry in our everyday lives.

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#10. Drug Discovery & Medicinal Chemistry

The goal of this course is to provide you with knowledge on how drugs are discovered and how they are made. You will learn the science behind drug discovery, what proteins do, how it’s done and what drugs are in medical use.

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#11. General Chemistry I: Atoms, Molecules, and Bonding

This is a course that is designed to give you a basic understanding of the compound parts of the periodic table and their properties that are important when it comes to chemistry. This will help you understand how atoms work and how they interact with one another as well as with different molecules.

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The topics covered in this course will be elements, the periodic table, bonding between atoms, chemical processes, and more.

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#12. Chemistry and Technology for Sustainability

Chemist and technology are the two most influential fields in the world. Crime, terrorism and human health are all related to science, technology and engineering (S.T.E.) and chemical industry plays a big part in every field of our lives.
This is one of the best online chemistry classes online you can take.

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#13. Organic Chemistry: Spectroscopy Master Class

This course gives an overview of organic chemistry, and covers topics that are important to professionals such as when to use spectroscopy, which compounds can be measured with a spectrophotometer, how to use a spectrophotometer, what instruments are available.

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#14. Chemistry: Metals

The world of chemistry is very different from the one we are used to. It requires us to learn and understand the interrelationships between elements and their properties.
We need to be able to think in a different way in order to be able to comprehend this science. After we learn chemistry, we can use our knowledge of the elements in our daily life.

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In conclusion, there are many benefits to taking chemistry courses online. The most significant advantage of taking chemistry courses online is that it saves a lot of time. In addition, the online courses are usually less expensive than traditional courses, and they can be taken from anywhere in the world.

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