Best Medical Schools UK 2021

The following is a compilation of the Top 10 medical schools in the UK for your reference.

Nowadays, the medical industry is still relatively hot. However, since medicine is a very professional subject, British university medical schools also have strict quotas for enrolling international students.

If a student wants to come to the UK to study a medical course, the challenge of visually obtaining an offer is not small. Therefore, you must do a background check on your favorite university, what medical courses the university offers, and other information.

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How Long is Medical Degree in UK?

For master’s degree in medicine, most courses last for 4 years, and some school courses are arranged for 1-2 years. The density and intensity of the curriculum requirements will be greater than that of undergraduate medical studies.

For students who do not have an undergraduate background in biology, chemistry or medicine, some courses require a one-year “prerequisite course” before starting the four-year medical course.

What is the Required Score to Study Medicine in UK?

Most of the medical master’s requirements for international students in English are: IELTS at least 7.0 or 7.5, individual scores must not be less than 7.0.

Requirements for Studying Medicine in UK

Due to the special nature of medicine, students who want to study medicine must also meet strict physical and mental health conditions. Patients with special diseases and physically and mentally disabled cannot apply. For detailed information, please check with individual medical schools.

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Students who have successfully applied for medical studies must also pass the CRB check of the British police. It is best to check with individual medical schools for detailed information.

So, it’s not impossible to go to the UK to study medical school~ The key is that you have the ability to do it~ Then~~ Do you want to make a doctor in the UK? In order to satisfy the curiosity of the students, I have listed the top 10 medical universities in the UK, Oxford and Cambridge. The universities that many scholars dream of are naturally on the list.

Best Medical Schools UK

1. University of Cambridge

Best medical Schools uk

The University of Cambridge and University of Oxford are tied for outright best medical university in UK. There is no doubt about this.

Cambridge’s medical courses require the highest score, UCAS 627 points. The medical school currently has £115m research funding, so to study at Cambridge Medical School, the most important thing is money.

1. University of Oxford

Best medical Schools uk

Oxford University has the highest score in student satisfaction. Its medical school started in the 13th century and has always been the highest rated, never getting surpassed. It is the sanctuary in the hearts of global medical students.

In 2014, only 11% of candidates successfully admitted to Oxford University, which means competition is fierce.

3. Cardiff University

Best medical Schools uk

There are only two medical schools in Wales, and Cardiff Medical School is one of them. It was established in 1893 and is currently one of the largest medical schools in the UK with more than 3,000 teachers and students.

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It is very sturdy, because its entry threshold is parallel to Oxford, and the job prospects for monks are even better than those of Oxford and Cambridge. The new project MBBCh in 2014 gave the entire medical school a new vitality.

4. University College London

UCL is located in London. In 2014, 8 students from each region were enrolled. Then, 6 of them had the opportunity to become Nobel laureates.

As a major research center, 80% of the research projects of the medical school are “world leading” and of “international excellence”. Of course, to enter University College London, the competition is quite fierce. On average, each student must get UCAS 571 points.

Top Medical Schools UK

Here is a list of the best medical universities in UK:

  1. University of Cambridge 
  2. University of Oxford
  3. Cardiff University
  4. University College London

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