10 Best Countries in the World to Retire in 2021

Kilkenny Castle - Kilkenny, Valerio Fuoglio Ireland

Retirement is a time in your life that you should be able to enjoy yourself and travel the world.

However, it can be difficult to decide where you want to live when you retire because there are so many options. This article will give you some insight into the best countries for retirement in 2021

Coronavirus is limiting people’s migration plan, but with vaccines being developed and other countries not being affected by it same as coronavirus, this will be the best time to find where you want to live.

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Let’s dive right into our list of the best countries to retire in 2021.

1) Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the best countries to retire in 2021

Costa Rica is an excellent place to retire because it has a tropical climate, is relatively close to the United States and Europe.

Additionally, Costa Rica also offers residents access to public healthcare.

Costa Rica offers a secure and stable country in which to retire. The extravagant natural beauty of the nation wows visitors with its mindblowing sights, warm people that greet you on your vacation there make it easy for foreigners to relax.

There is no shortage of things to do or see whether you are one who likes an active lifestyle or just wants relaxation at home by yourself after years spent working hard every day until retirement finally comes; Costa Rica has something for everyone!

The drawback of living in this country is that its cost of living isn’t too cheap so you might need your pension for retirement in 2021.

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2) Denmark

The best country to retire in 2021 is Denmark. The cost of living and healthcare are both very affordable, which will allow you the perfect opportunity to enjoy retirement with a quality lifestyle at an affordable price.

As opposed to some other countries like Germany or Austria where retirees might find themselves paying for their own healthcare system, this isn’t the case in Denmark.

The Danish healthcare system is considered one of the best in Europe and you can find specialists to see for free at any time during your retirement years.

3) Panama

Panama is one of the best countries to retire if you are looking for a low-cost, high-quality lifestyle.

The country offers two different types of retirement visas- a pensionado visa and an investor’s visa.

Panama has some of the highest living standards in Latin America and it ranks as one of the safest places in the region according to Numbeo.com.

It also offers excellent health care facilities that cater specifically to retirees from North America or Europe who want their medical needs met without having to leave home during their golden years.

In addition, Panama City is located on both sides of the Pacific Ocean so there is plenty for retirees with wanderlust to explore!

4) Mexico

If you’re looking for a country to retire in, there are many factors you’ll want to consider.

For example, climate and healthcare will be important considerations.  In addition, some countries have a more affordable cost of living than others which may make your retirement budget go a lot further.

Retiring in Mexico is a great option for many retirees. It’s affordable, has beautiful weather and beaches, and the people are friendly.

The Mexican government has been making a lot of progress when it comes to healthcare.

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There are many reasons why you should consider retiring in Mexico, and we will explore some of them below.

The cost of living is affordable, the food and drink selection is excellent, the infrastructure is solid with no natural disasters that would damage property, and there’s plenty to do on your days off from work.

Whether you’re looking for a city or a rural area, Mexico offers something for everyone!

5) Colombia

Colombia is one of the best countries to retire in the world in 2021

If you’re looking for a country that is affordable, safe and has plenty to do then Colombia should be your top destination.

Colombia has been making headlines in recent years as a new hotspot for retirees looking to secure their nest egg and live comfortably.

With tons of good things going on, Colombia scored high across the 10 categories surveyed by International Living- especially healthcare, ease of residency acquisition, development opportunities, and climate conditions.

The cost of living in Colombia is lower than most other countries in the region because its currency isn’t as strong; this means that goods are more available at cheaper prices.

Colombia also offers a variety of experiences from rural, mountain villages to modern cities.

6) Malaysia

Malaysia is a beautiful country to retire in. There are many benefits for retirees and it’s easy to live there. It is a Muslim-majority country with an English-speaking population, making it one of the best countries to retire in.

Malaysia has great weather conditions that make it perfect for those who want warm climates year-round and low cost of living prices.

International Living cites a number of factors that make Malaysia so attractive to foreigners looking to retire there, including easy access to residency and low living costs, tropical climate with pristine beaches, and jungle scenery only minutes from city life. The fresh food is delicious too!

7) France

France is the ideal country for those who are looking to retire there or move abroad. The people of France have an excellent healthcare system and a very high quality of living, with attractive environments that many tourists visit every year.

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Additionally, in terms of food, wine (including Champagne), cheese (think Brie de Meaux) and gastronomy, France has a lot to offer.

8) Ecuador

Ecuador has a rich culture and excellent quality of living. The people are welcoming, friendly, and have a close-knit community that is helpful to new arrivals as they settle in. Retirees can enjoy many outdoor activities there too, like hiking through the Andes Mountains or exploring the Galapagos Islands!

9) Portugal

Portugal is an excellent place for retirees who want to learn a new language while living abroad. The beaches are beautiful, the people have come from many different cultures and backgrounds, and it’s not too difficult for English speakers to get by in daily life there either!

10) Ireland

Kilkenny Castle - Kilkenny, Valerio Fuoglio Ireland
Image: Kilkenny Castle – Kilkenny, Valerio Fuoglio Ireland

Ireland is a great place to retire if you want peace and quiet, or even better: the Irish countryside. The people are friendly and outgoing, there’s plenty of culture for retirees who love art and literature, beautiful gardens with manicured lawns (thanks to Ireland’s temperate climate) – what more could one ask for?


Which of these countries would you like to retire in? Where would be the best country for your retirement savings to grow and what are the pros and cons of each country? Let us know which one sounds most appealing.

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