Admittedly, the use of memes to convey messages is fast becoming a major culture across social networks. 

Ranging from chatty users to the rather drab ones, many people on social media really can’t deny having had encounters with memes. Such memes could be funny, awkward or annoying and more often than not, they are used in conveying words, catchphrases, etc. that seem to spice up user experience on social media. 

While a meme may be described as a text-bearing image intended to evoke some emotion (usually laughter), it’s indisputable that anyone can create their own meme. 

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If you see meme usage as a harmless way of poking fun at a fellow social media user, odds are that you’ll want to find out how you can create your own meme. Interestingly, there are several tools that let you create your own meme. To help you get started with the fun-filled activity of meme creation, we’ve filtered out the 7 best free-to-use apps/tools for creating your own meme. 

1.Make a Meme

Whether you’ve got artistic creativity or not, you’ll surely find this website handy for creating memes. Besides offering a whole lot of features/tools, Make a Meme lets you create memes without any hassle. 

The website’s database is well loaded with meme formats from which you can select. Meanwhile, customization is damn handy, courtesy of the site’s comprehensive tool gear. Interestingly, the provided customization tools let you tweak text color, font size, etc. just to suit your taste. 

Make a Meme further enables you to easily navigate its well-loaded database, thanks to the site’s excellent search and organizational tools. If you’d like to directly share your memes to Reddit after creating them, you’ll likely find Make a Meme your best bet. To that effect, Make a Meme equips you with submission tools which make it a lot easy to share your self-created memes to Reddit. 


2.Meme Generator


If you’re keen to find popular memes you can easily tweak to your taste, you may want to give Meme Generator a try. 

Frankly, Meme Generator is pretty easy to use and it can automatically fit text within your preferred meme. With Meme Generator, customization is damn possible and as a plus, you’re free to select from a truckload of meme templates. 

Besides offering an imposing collection of meme templates, Meme Generator furnishes you with clip art tools just for you to have an excellent shot at meme customization. 

You’re very likely to like Meme Generator for the customization options as well as the ease of navigation it offers. Favorably, Meme Generator’s effective search tools let you find your desired memes in no time. 

3.Meme Creator

This free-to-use meme creation tool is a well-rated option in terms of customization capability as well as ease of use. 

One great thing you’d like about Meme Creator –and which distinguishes it from the other meme creating apps/tools herein –is the way it puts you to the test of recreating a “featured” meme. 

Broadly, Meme Creator is a web-based resource that lets you either create your own meme or recreate a “featured” meme. In the course of meme creation, you can easily leverage the website’s amazing customization tools for achieving the exact meme you want. For example, there are customization options that let you incorporate special effects, include additional text boxes and redefine the font size, color, etc. 

Amazingly, Meme Creator can make your meme come out just as good as you want it. One pretty way the website helps here is presenting you with a preview field. This way, you’ll definitely have a feel of the end product just before it comes out. If the previewed meme doesn’t just measure up to your expectation, you can edit it again and again until you’re satisfied with it. 


If your preferred meme creating app doesn’t seem to have an iOS variant, you really have nothing to worry about as Mematic could serve as a perfect alternative. 

Mematic is, by leaps, a proven app for creating nice memes. Meanwhile, one of the app’s attractive aspects is its extended customization capability. In terms of customization, you can choose to input side-by-side quotes, fit captions on top of images as well as use freestyle memes. 

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With Mematic, you’re free to select from a decent number of background colors that you find suitable for the kinds of memes you desire. Depending on your desired level of user experience, you can opt for any of Mematic’s free and premium packages. 

Mematic does have a pretty collection of popular meme formats. If you seem not to have a meme of yours (for upload), you can simply select from Mematic’s host of meme formats. 

5.Imgur (Meme Generator)

Whereas Imgur Generator is a lovely free-to-use tool for meme creation, Imgur is less commonly regarded as a place for creating memes. Notably however, Imgur might be a well-acclaimed online place for all sorts of ready-made memes. 

Frankly, it’s fun to know that Imgur isn’t just an avenue for you to find popular memes but also create the kind of meme you desire. Courtesy of Imgur’s no-brainer tools, you’re dead certain to create memes without any hassle. 

Imgur lets you have some bespoke memes by allowing you to modify text fields. In the process of meme creation, you can decide to upload your own image, use a default meme or select one of the ready-made popular memes on Imgur. 


If you’re just crazy to have your meme created as fast as one could pronounce Jack Robinson, DIYLOL might be your best meme creator. Excitingly, you’re able to quickly fashion out your meme from any of the popular meme formats you’ll find on DIYLOL. 

As regards the number of customization options, DIYLOL might not seem like the sort of meme creation tool you’re looking for. However, you’ll likely admire it for being an easy-to-use meme creation tool. 

DIYLOL offers as many as 12 varying meme formats and in terms of customization, you’re able to tweak the font color, size and width to your taste as well as increase the number of text boxes. 


You, probably, already know Canva as a nice app for creating beautiful designs through the process of image editing. Beyond that, you should like to know that Canva does have a decent number of tools which bring alive your desired meme. 

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Interestingly, Canva’s meme creation toolbox is packed with special effects and formatting tools, all of which let you create awesome memes. Meanwhile, Canva boasts effective search tools which enable you to navigate through a whole lot of meme formats. 

One thing you may not like about Canva is the watermark that its memes eventually carry after being created. However, you can save yourself the headache of this watermark by creating a free account. The bottom line here is that it isn’t compulsory that you open an account before you’re able to use Canva for meme creation but to avoid ending up with watermarked memes, you’re required to create a free account. 

With Canva, you’re certain to have a template which doesn’t require you to manually fit text boxes in the relevant areas. Such a template readily fits the text boxes where necessary and this, perhaps, is one thing you’d like to see. 


Depending on several factors, any or all of the meme creation tools/apps above should fit into your expectation. Nonetheless, you may have to pit the tools/apps against each other and see which one is actually the best for you.

In most attempts to select a meme creation app/tool, the fundamental point is getting the one best suited for your preferences, expectation and even your kind of smartphone. For instance, Mematic could be your best bet if you’re using an iOS device and wouldn’t mind spending some bucks just to have access to Mematic’s premium tier. 

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