6 Different Types of Warehouse Storage Systems & How They Function

Looking to improve the storage systems in your warehouse? Then you have come to the right place. Today, we look at different storage systems that many liquidation companies use to store their inventory. Many wholesale liquidation stores use these systems to effectively manage their warehouse. So, let’s get into it.

Here below are 6 Different Types of Warehouse Storage Systems:

Static Shelving

The first type that we will be looking at is static shelving. The idea behind static shelving is quite clear from its name. You have shelves that will stay in the same place. These shelves generally hold lightweight products. 

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They are often installed for items that are constantly moving and need regular replenishment. One of the reasons why static shelves are meant for lightweight items is because they are not that compatible with forklifts. 

Thus, more manual labour is needed to move the stock from one place to another. If your inventory has a lot of lightweight items that need continuous restocking then you can consider investing in static shelves. You can invest in wide-span shelving systems as well if you have a larger inventory and n as they can handle more weight.

Mobile Shelving

As opposed to static shelving, mobile Shelving involves shelves that can be moved. Think, shelves on wheels. The idea is similar to static shelving. You want to store items which need to be replenished more frequently. 


But with mobile shelves, it can be easier to store more products in a tight space. If your warehouse is not very big then it might be a good idea to spend on some mobile shelves. Many mobile shelves often have level tracks. 

These tracks can be mechanised or manual depending on the model you invest in. Mobile shelves remove the limitation of fixed aisles and can often help with productivity when it comes to moving items in the warehouse. It functions towards storing more in a smaller space.

Pallet Racking

Pallet Racking is a warehouse system that many liquidation companies and often wholesale liquidation stores use. Most of the time large warehouses will be receiving items in large boxes and pallets. A pallet racking system is a storage system for these. 

Pallet Racking systems can be built out of wood, plastic or metal. They need to be sturdy enough to hold a large number of weights because larger boxes will be holding more items. Top liquidation companies have this system in their warehouses. 

Since we are dealing with large boxes, a forklift is often used to rack the pallets and boxes up on the racking system. There are a variety of pallet racking systems. Depending on how much warehouse movement is required and the weight of the products one or more types can be chosen.

Multi-Tier Racking

Multi-Tier Racking is a system that allows businesses to stack items on different levels. This system makes use of vertical space to store items. Thus, it depends on how tall or high the warehouse is. 


If you have a larger warehouse where you need to store many small items then using the multi-tier racking system you can store more items in less space since you will be utilizing vertical space.

There are different options for Multi-Tier racking. Most such systems are quite flexible where one can add or remove levels or tiers based on their needs. This system works better for lightweight items because it is meant to be manually stacked.

Also, try to populate the tiers as densely as possible. Follow a pattern so that you know which level has which products. Strategically stacking items to these systems can help with inventory management.

Mezzanine Flooring

This is one of the more expensive options on this list and is good for warehouses that are tall enough to accommodate different levels. Mezzanine Flooring involves creating one or two levels above the main warehouse floor. 

This gives you more space to store as you are now utilizing vertical space. Constructing levels this way can give you more flexibility as you are constructing floors within the warehouse. You can store more items in the same space. But since it involves construction it can be an expensive investment.

So, you may have to think about the volume of items and the revenue generated by them. Also, to incorporate this storage system in the warehouse of your wholesale liquidation stores you will need to have a strategic layout. 

You can even add lift systems, conveyor belts etc. to make the floors more effective and increase productivity. Since these floors can be dismantled you can always move the materials to another warehouse and install the flooring there if needed.

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Wire Partitions

The last type of warehouse storage system we will be looking at is Wire Partitioning System. This is one of the ways to store objects where you create wire cages. It does provide some security to the items you are keeping as these cages can have locks.

Many warehouses even create small cage-like offices for the on-site warehouse managers. These cages can be removed if not needed anymore. You can invest in wire partitioning if you are looking to provide some security to the items while creating some office space for your floor or warehouse managers.


So, these were the six types of warehouse storage systems that you can install in your warehouse. All these systems serve different purposes. The system you choose will be determined by the warehouse layout and the items you need to stack.

Also, depending on your budget you might only find a couple of them feasible. So, do some digging before you invest in them. We hope this list could give you some information on different storage systems. We wish you all the best!

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