5 Ideal Tech Gifts for College Students

College is a period of study, self-discovery, and fun. Nothing embodies that more than tech. Tech is always at the frontier, trying new ideas until they become more solid. It also makes life easier and more fun. For those reasons, college students are always amenable to tech as a gift.

According to a survey, college students find digital learning technology helpful. Those that participated in the survey said that digital learning technology improves their education (84 percent), saves time (81 percent), and boosts their grades (81 percent).

There are many options when it comes to tech or gadget gifts. Tech can be versatile, so while they can use the following ideas at school, they can also use them outside of school. Here are five affordable gift ideas to satisfy a college student’s wants and needs.

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  1. Chargers

Chargers for electronics that a student has will always make a valuable and affordable tech gift for a college student. Chargers can easily be lost or be less effective over time. But it is so rare that people make an effort to go and buy for themselves, especially when you are a college student on a tight budget.

Get them an original charger because they last longer. Pair the charger with a power pack, and they will be able to stay charged on the go.

  1. Bluetooth Speaker
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Bluetooth speakers are miniaturized speakers that connect to devices through Bluetooth. Some have an auxiliary port. The speakers can produce high-quality sound, and your college student can enjoy tunes or movies on them. Since they connect through Bluetooth, they can use the speakers with a phone, tablet, laptop, or other devices.

The speakers run on rechargeable batteries. So the student can use it anywhere inside or outside the campus. They can use it during study groups so everyone can hear the audio or crank up some tunes at a picnic.

Bluetooth speakers come in various sizes, models, and pricing levels. You can get the affordable model or go for the high-end models. There is also a range of sensible or funky colors you can choose from.

  1. Noise Cancelling Headphones

College life is busy and noisy sometimes. That can make it difficult to concentrate. Rather than leaving a college student at the mercy of their surroundings, you can get them noise-canceling headphones.

Noise-canceling headphones cover the entire ear and use active processing to analyze ambient noise to emit a sound that’ll cancel noise from the environment. It won’t matter what the roommate is doing or how the party is going down across the hall; the user won’t get disturbed. Whether it’s to concentrate on their studies or to meditate simply, they will appreciate the quiet.

The user can also listen to their audio on low volume, which can help with ear health and general sanity.

Much like any electronic device, noise-canceling headphones can get damaged. If that does occur, the user can take them to a laptop repair service center.

  1. Fitness Watch

A fitness watch or tracker is a digital device that measures, collects, and analyses health metrics. The metrics can include heart rate, calorie consumption, sleep, and distance walked or run.

Fitness trackers are beneficial to students with type two diabetes. The data collected can be shared with the user’s doctor or nutritionist.

Fitness trackers are also good at motivating a healthy lifestyle. They can gamify exercise and critical metrics to ensure that the users stay healthy. For example, they set a daily target for the number of steps and have a small competition with others.

The metrics provided by a fitness tracker can also be helpful to health-conscious users. The data can include steps, heartbeats during workouts, sleep monitoring, and food tracking.

  1. Portable Printer

A portable printer is a smaller, more compact, and wireless version of the printers you find in an office. They are sometimes called mobile printers because they are easy to carry from place to place. Using a universal serial bus (USB) or Bluetooth, you can connect to it. They can print any document format, including Microsoft Word and PDF documents. You can find inkjet, thermal, and impact-based models.

A portable printer will help a college student who constantly makes hard copies. They can now print on any location like the library, study hall, or in their room with one in hand.

The Gift of Tech

Buying a college student any of the above gifts will be an investment in their future. The gifts will help the student perform better in class and in life. Take care not to buy cheap brands as those may not last through the rigors of college life.

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