22 Best Free Social Media Online Classes In 2022 Beginners & Experts

22 Best Free Social Media Online Classes In 2021 Beginners & Experts

22 Best Free Social Media Online Classes In 2022 Beginners & Experts

Social media has been one of the effective tools in connecting people on the internet and also offering diverse ways in which people explore awesome products. You need to be familiar with social media to promote your brands by creating an influential online presence to attract more clients. The multifaceted platform has been invaluable to humans, and this has made brands seek digital marketers, online influencers, social media managers, etc.

Furthermore, there are lots of free social media online classes, but the problem lies in selecting the right one with detailed information. You might feel there is a need for you to invest your entire savings in enrolling in social media online classes because there are free classes that can offer the same value you will obtain from the paid ones.

What is Social Media?

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It is a vital tool for users to create and share their content with the masses, and there are different apps involved in it such as TikTok Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Quora, Snapchat, and many others. Initially, people were using their desktop computers to access social media, but smartphones can be used in accessing social media applications.

Furthermore, it is through these different tools companies are creating lead sales, and also getting regular customers who patronize them later. You must understand the dynamics of social media to maximize its usage because there are some hidden features attached to them.

History of Social Media

There is awesome evolution of social media from the use of direct information exchange to a marketing tool, retail platform, and virtual gathering. The introduction of social media has enabled the use of online communication and chatting. In 1999, after the launch of the LiveJournal publishing site, blogs became popular on the internet.

For instance, LinkedIn was developed to connect professionals. According to statistics, it has over 775 million users across the globe. Therefore, several job seekers are using the site to get different remote jobs right in the comfort of their homes. In 2003, MySpace was developed and before 2006 it gained massive recognition because people were using it to share music.

In 2008, Facebook came into existence, and after that Justin Timberlake bought MySpace for $35 million. Later, Google dived into social media by launching Google +, but the platform was compromised due to the leakage of private information of nearly 500,000 users.

Different Modern Social Media Outlets

Presently, there are different social media used by over 5 billion smartphone users globally. This is an overview of the most prominent social networks being used:


In 2004, it was launched by Mark Zuckerberg and has over 1.7 billion users including 69% of the United States of America.


This social media platform came into existence in 2005 and has over 300 million users on it.


It was created by three different people but Jack Dorsey is the major founder of the microblogging site. In 2020, 22% of United States adults were on Twitter.


Kevin Systrom is the founder of the site that involves sharing photos and videos with the world. In 2012, the founder of Facebook purchased Instagram, and they have over 1 billion users around the globe.


Ben Silberman is the founder of the iPhone app founded Pinterest in 2010. The app became popular in 2019, and they have over 335 million active users across the globe.


The social media site was developed by three students – Bobby Murphy, Evan Spiegel, and Reggie Brown. The concept of the site is centred on stories or serialized short videos to create informative digital effects usually on geographical location.


A Chinese tech firm founded the site in 2016, and it has to do with sharing short videos on the internet. In 2018, the site became famous among American adults and teens. During the Covid-19 lockdown, the number of users increased to over 800 million.

Why is it good to Utilize Social Media?

Here are the various reasons it is important to utilize social media, and they are:

  • It is the fastest means to disseminate information about a service or a new item.
  • Millions of people from different parts of the world spend lots of time on social media.
  • The newest marketing strategy for advertisement rather than the conventional old methods
  • Presently, it is the new influencer for companies to get clients from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
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Basic Requirements to Learn Social Media

The minor demographics have some restrictions to control them from things beyond their age, and also some regions have limitations. However, a decent smartphone or computer with a strong internet connection will get the job done. At this point, we could see the various social media online classes, and here they are:

  1. Introduction to Social Media Strategy:

The class is on Skillshare for aspiring social media managers wanting to have an idea of strategizing using social media. It has different topics such as content creation, finding your voice, paid advertising strategy, etc. The 45-minute class can help you have a strong foundation for different brands or businesses on social media platforms.

It involves brand awareness, drives sales, increases website traffic, and also creates media strategy on Twitter and Facebook, finding your unique voice, etc. The course founder has included a bonus in the course by offering two months of free subscription for their community. You can enroll in the class today!

  1. Introduction to Social Media Advertising:

The course has different topics such as setting campaign goals, demystifying key terms, creating eye-catching sales copy, optimizing social media campaigns, etc. Beginners in social media can take the course on Skillshare, while digital marketers can use this skill in making geometrical sales on social media.

If you are having difficulty running social media ads, you can use the course. The class is ideal for entrepreneurs, brands, marketers, freelancers, etc. If you can take your time to study the course, you can run different online campaigns for big companies, and you could have long-term clients that will keep on patronizing you as far you offer value to them.

  1. What Is Social:

You can get the course on Coursera and Northwestern University happens to be the creator of the course with numerous topics such as data analysis, social trends, defining target audiences, etc. The online course offers massive opportunities for business executives, marketing professionals, business owners, etc., to enhance their sales.

There are lots of proven methodologies embedded inside the free social media online class to offer different ways you can excel as a social media manager handling campaigns for big companies. After you are done with the course, you can decide to subscribe to the paid class to have other ideas on the course.

  1. Social Media Monitoring:

Eric Schwartzman is the creator of the course and is offered by Coursera with topics such as keyword filtering, content curation, monitoring strategies for Facebook, implementing google alerts, etc. The course has methods for companies to draw customers online and boost their sales.

It is ideal for both beginners and professionals to take the course, and have a unique understanding of social monitoring campaigns. If you have been trying different free social media online classes, you can try this one and start implementing what you have learned.

  1. The Business of Social:

Northwestern University is the creator of the course “The Business of Social”, and different courses are found in it such as managing social media platforms, turning social media into real business results, discovering the efficacy of social media, and it is for both beginners and experts.

Social media managers, business owners, and marketers can learn diverse ways to grow their businesses. Also, entrepreneurs can get measurable value from the course and use it for strategies in different social media platforms to measure social investments regarding cost, opportunities, and time.

  1. Social Media Ethics:

Eric Schwartzman is the main creator of the course and has made it well detailed by creating topics such as making a good judgment with social media, ethical behaviors of social media, etc. If you have been finding ways of using social media effectively, then you can pick the course.

The course offers a framework for social media managers to carry out social networking and also engaging in reasonable online conversation. It is ideal for both employees and professionals to take the course to increase their knowledge of social media. You need to have an open mind while taking the free online social media course.

  1. Advanced Social Media Marketing for Picking up Clients

You can get the course on Udemy and Brian Yang is the brain behind the course with interesting topics such as social media myths, effective ways of using social media, creating engaging videos for Youtube subscribers, etc. The major theme for the course is getting clients from social media within 48 hours.

The instructor goes into different social media strategies for companies to move their brand forward in another dimension. You can have well-detailed information on using different social media platforms, and there is a need to have active YouTube, Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter to get potential customers on social media.

  1. Facebook Blueprint:
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Facebook is the mastermind for the course and the creator is Blueprint elearning. The different people can enroll for the course such as agencies, advertisers, marketers, small businesses, etc., The course offers fundamental ideas on running decent advertising campaigns with Facebook business pages by drawing huge traffic.

It covers unique practices and recent strategies used by high-profile companies, and Facebook is becoming popular for businesses and marketers. The topics in this course are Facebook terminology, ideal practices for Facebook, creating an awesome Facebook page, etc.

  1. Social Media Quickstarter:

It is a beginner course that trains individuals to handle different social media managers, and beginners can study the free course. Constant contact is the major founder of the course, and you can use the idea to create social media campaigns without any complications.

Everything in the course comes in a step-by-step process to build an online presence on different social media platforms. If you have been doubting the power of social, you can dip your toes and learn the ropes of social media marketing.

  1. Email Marketing for E-Commerce:

Mailchimp is the founder of the course, and you can use Skillshare to study some vital courses in social media management, such as email marketing optimization, email marketing personalization, email automation, etc. It is a must-have course for social media managers because it throws more light on email marketing.

It is perfect for people who are social managers already, and the duration of the class is 25 minutes focusing on developing basic email marketing methods. After the end of the class, you will be able to create attractive email marketing campaigns and also optimize numerous strategies to augment your business revenues.

  1. Marketing in a Digital World:

The University of Illinois is the creator of the course and is offered by Coursera with different topics. Beginners can optimize the course to the fullest and gain huge contracts. Presently, over 100,000 students are taking the course, and a professor from the University of Illinois is the instructor for the course.

The course aims to offer a complete transformation of using different marketing approach into a digital age considering how technology influencing the power of marketing in consumers’ hands. Those trying to have advanced experience in the course can enroll at the University of Illinois to study digital marketing specialization.

  1. QuickSprout University:

Neil Patel is one of the major influencers for SEO optimization, social media, link building, paid to advertise, etc. It offers marketers digital tactics such as content creation, search engine optimization, paid advertising, social media, email marketing, etc. Each of the videos has a full transcript for visual learners to follow.

  1. Inbound Marketing Certification:

Hubspot is another free social media platform for people passionate about social media platforms. There are diverse learning materials to offer learners in-depth information relating to general inbound marketing. It comprises 13 different classes with over 4.5 hours of materials for both audio and video learning.

The course is offered by Hubspot for beginners to learn things such as lead generation, conversion analysis, blogging, landing pages, SEO, etc. It comes in several modules to make learners obtain the best in topics like email marketing, growth-driven, inbound sales techniques, growth-driven design, etc.

  1. Viral Marketing and How to Create Contagious Content

The University of Pennsylvania is the creator of the course and is on Coursera. Jonah Berger, a professor from the University of Pennsylvania is the course instructor. It reveals the different mysteries of why some basic ideas and products are popular in demand compared to others and is superb for social media managers trying to find ways in content marketing methods.

It elaborates things using a piece of simple information for people to create viral content within some minutes. Also, spreading these contents using social media or digital marketing channels. There are different tasks in the course to test learners on things they have studied, and it will help them grow by using social media effectively.

  1. Pay Per Click (PPC) University:

WordStream is the creator and provider for the course with different topics are present such as keyword research, landing page optimization, PPC for lead generation, etc. PPC university has a free online learning course created by WordStream to assist digital marketers. There are three major learning plans for beginners, intermediate, and professionals.

The reason for these different classes is to make it easier for digital marketers to have detailed information on social advertising. If you are concerned about digital marketing expertise, you will get access to numerous webinars, and white papers. You can try your hands on the free social media online class to have advanced knowledge on digital marketing.

  1. Diploma in E-Business:
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Google is the creator of the course and is offered by Alison with exciting topics such as Google AdWords, Google Webmaster, use of Google Analytics data, etc. It is a detailed course for advertisers, businesses, marketers, and others aiming to maximize the most from using digital marketing.

There are other things to learn like promoting businesses online, different Google-powered tools, tracking different data. It doesn’t mean either you gave some level of experience in social media or not because you will see other things that can make you vast with your digital marketing skills. You can bank on the course to have in-depth information or knowledge to market businesses online.

  1. Google Digital Marketing Course:

The provider and creator for the Google digital marketing course are WordStream. With this course, anyone can learn the core aspect of social media. Anyone must make it big time in generating sales to using social media tools to perform the task. Presently, there are lots of social media managers who have mastered social media usage.

However, some social influencers are making good use of Google advertising platforms and it has increased their businesses regarding sales. Also, there is a direct line contact for social media managers to get updated information from Google. Students should take their time and learn the rudiment of social media.

  1. Buffer’s Week of Webinars on Digital Marketing:

Buffer happens to be the creator and founder of the course. There are diverse topics inside the course such as advertising your content on Facebook, Instagram marketing, content curation, PR outreach, and branding. The course covers social media analytics, content curation, and advertising content in different fields. Participants don’t have to register for the course before they can get access to different tutorial videos.

  1. Introduction to Analytics and the Language of SAS:

Jigsaw Academy is the course creator and is offered by Udemy. Anyone enrolled in the course will get access to topics such as popular analytic tools, the meaning of analytics, introduction to SAS language, etc. The course is an ideal point for anyone trying to lay their hands on social media and have a well-detailed knowledge of social analytics.

If you yearn for this kind of knowledge, you can study the course “Introduction to analytics and the language of SAS”. The lecture for the course has been divided into different lengths and it requires 2 hours for anyone to complete the course from beginning to the end.

  1. Google Analytics Academy:

The founder and creator of the course are Google with different topics such as mobile app analytics, eCommerce analytics, digital analytics fundamentals, Google analytics, etc. It’s an incredible course for social media managers to gain more experience in incorporating data into their online campaigns.

Some of these tutorials in this video are Google analytics academy, Google Analytics platform principles, and digital analytics fundamentals. These courses offer knowledge on handling data and strategizing online campaigns to increase sales.

  1. An Introduction to Consumer Neuroscience and Neuromarketing

Coursera is the provider of the course and the creator is Copenhagen Business School. You will get to learn things such as sensory neuromarketing, emotions, attention, and consciousness. With the course, you will understand the reason behind the decisions people make when buying products from any online platform.

The course will throw elaborate on basic brain mechanisms in different consumers’ choices and staying updated with these issues. Also, the current and future uses of neuroscience in diverse businesses and its application to solve practical issues on social media.

  1. Data Analytics with Excel PivotTables:

The course is provided by Udemy and the creator is UpSkill ladder with topics such as introduction to business analytics, getting started with pivot tables, custom calculations, etc. It is an advanced course, and learners will get to know the usefulness of pivot tables in analytics. It involves several data analytics and also checking the performance of any website.


Learning free social media online courses requires time, motivation, and dedication to making the work effective. You can increase your social media skillset by doing any of the courses and also earn a certificate at the end of it. The reason for enrolling in this course is to upgrade your experience and also attract potential customers.

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