21 Best SEO Classes Online For Beginners & Experts in 2022

21 Best SEO Classes Online For Beginners & Experts in 2021

21 Best SEO Classes Online For Beginners & Experts in 2022

SEO is essential when it comes to content or marketing on the internet to reach a broad range of people. There are people still finding it difficult to write SEO content to make their contents rank well. Different contents for a particular topic are online on the internet and the only way to rank yours is buying applying keywords inside it.

On the other hand, affiliate marketers have recognized the need to write some keywords inside the sales copy to attract customers online. It is the more reason people are familiar with SEO to make a huge impact on the internet. Traffic is necessary for any content on the internet, and it could be either organic or paid traffic.

What is SEO 

The full meaning of SEO is Search Engine Optimization and involves the practice of growing the quantity and quality of visitors visiting your website based on organic results of different search engines. SEO increases the visibility of any product or content to drive organic traffic.

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Based on the roles of the internet in connecting different individuals to their desired search intent. For this reason, you having an SEO skill will help increase the performance of a website. Every day, there are new changes regarding SEO to fit in search engines algorithm. One of the effective ways to have an ideal knowledge is by attending SEO classes to have a wide range of ideas.

Search Engine Optimization has different aspects, and it depends on you to choose the one that captures your interest. In SEO, we have On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. The course opens your eyes to craft awesome keywords that will yield traffic to your sites and in turn offer you some money for it. SEO certification is another educational experience that you can have through some SEO courses, and become an expert in the field.

The skill helps to enhance search engine rankings, increasing website traffic, and optimization of websites. It is easy for one to think why they have to invest their funds in enrolling for SEO classes, but the truth is there are lots of complex methodologies to help you fine-tuned your content to search intent on Google.

The most annoying thing about Google is the new algorithm they release every time, and this has made it difficult for bloggers, information entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers, etc. because they have to update their content to suit Google’s algorithm.

Is SEO Difficult?

SEO has been one of the compelling tools necessary to optimize different websites Based on the different tricks involved in it, SEO experts are trying their best to ensure they are working with the latest SEO tools to facilitate proper optimization. Some might feel SEO is simple, but it requires consistently having some level of expertise in ranking a webpage to yield good results.

Initially, SEO practices were focused on keywords but it has been replaced using friendly strategies. Despite these different strategies, website owners and bloggers are still finding it hard with Search Engine Optimization. The best way to be updated with SEO is by constantly checking online to see the latest changes and attending SEO training courses.

Before you can get SEO certification, you need to take the course and complete it to have the relevant training and skills to handle Search Engine Optimization. There are different ways you can bag an SEO certification either through attending a classroom-based SEO course or an online SEO course. An SEO certification course from any educational brand requires you to go through the classes and completing the assignment before obtaining the certification.

What are Search Engines?

What Are Search Engines And How Do They Work? | Mangools

These are websites with algorithms that make use of phrases and keywords to identify different websites that are similar to one another and have things you are searching for. Having to optimize these different search engines requires you to consider lots of things such as words, website links, page titles, meta descriptions, and website reputation. If your website could have these different elements, then, you could be sure of attracting massive traffic organically.

Search engines have been a great tool for individuals to get results for their numerous questions. Most people who use search engines in finding answers to their problems are more concerned about the first page. Therefore, the essence of SEO is to help your website rank well on the first page and know the different tools to achieve that particular goal.

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Importance of SEO

Being the fact it enhances the visibility of different brands on the internet especially compared to PPC. It is crucial to invest your time in SEO, but it is not a guarantee for success, and this centers on the future and also increases the ranking of a website. Let get to see the importance of SEO, and here they are:

  1. Visibility and Rankings:

When it involves buying a product online, buyers are likely to choose the one that appears on the first page of any search engine and is through the use of SEO that marketers rank their products to gain more visibility on the internet, and this can attract potential customers to the site leading to sales.

  1. Web Traffic:

It can be painful for you if customers can’t find your website appearing on the first page of search engines. The use of SEO offers organic traffic to any website, and also increases the number of page views per day. The higher the number of visitors, the more likely you will have sales to occur for the product.

  1. Trustworthy:

The higher the SEO score of any website, the more likely a website will rank higher on search engines such as Bing, and Google. When a website is ranking high on search engines, it shows the brand has some level of trust to offer its potential customers. For you to solidify your product online, it is necessary to use keywords.

  1. User Experience:

A well-optimized website will help buyers get a full idea of the product being offered and other surrounding questions. Presently, developers or product designers are building websites with a good user interface that will encourage easy navigation.

  1. Growth:

It is pointless to say that SEO doesn’t support the growth of different brands because the higher a website is ranking with a high volume of keywords, the more organic traffic that comes to the site. For a website to have high customers, it implies the site has been well optimized to attract more sales

Different Elements in Search Engine Optimization

  1. On-site SEO:

It is a method of applying several methods to the content of a website to make it become search engine friendly. When a site is well optimized, it sends messages to different search engines, and from there they have ideas about the webpage in different ways. Also, On-site SEO involves the website structure using different things such as internal links SEO keywords, image alt attributes, and many others for search engines to access and analyze the content on the website.

  1. Keywords:

Keywords are necessary for ranking a website in search engines. These keywords can either be words or phrases that customers are searching for online. It takes diligent research to get the right keywords for any website and most people aim for high volume ratings + low competition. Some companies are involved in building websites that make use of high keywords to ensure they are found on different parts of the website.

  1. Content:

The content you select or write on your website is crucial to engage more audience. Every industry has its relevant keywords that will increase high sales such as window treatments, motorized blinds, smart home automation, etc. For instance, when a user searches for something in a particular field if your website has high extensive keywords, it is likely for it to show up, and your content must be shareable, educational, and engaging.

  1. Off-Site SEO:

It is optimization done outside of the website to push it higher regarding ranking. The key thing to off-site SEO is backlink or link building to make the site have more reputation on search engines. Good backlinks make search engines trust your website and can place it in a good position on Alexa ranking. There have been some scenarios whereby people trick Google by using black hats to manipulate their positions on search engines.

Before a website can start ranking, it requires some time to acquire awesome results. At times, ranking for particular keywords depends on the size of the company, the number of years they have been in existence, and their off and on-site SEO efforts. If you have been searching for SEO classes online for either beginners or experts, we will see different best SEO classes online.

21 Best SEO Classes Online

Here are the following best SEO classes online, and they are:

  1. Complete SEO Training With Top SEO Expert – Udemy:

The class offers knowledge on different methods to implement search engine optimization leading to high traffic to the website. In most cases, an optimized website will appear at the top of any search engine. After the end of the course “Complete SEO training”, you will get a clearer understanding of the different dynamics surrounding SEO and boosting of traffic. Peter Kent is the instructor for the course.

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  1. Complete SEO Guide to Ranking Local Business Websites – Udemy:

If you have an eCommerce business website or someone who has one, you can offer local search engine optimization to clients for lead generations. In the course, there are practical insights to ranking a local business website both organically and paid methods.


  1. Complete SEO Training + SEO for WordPress Websites – Udemy

The course has over 50 SEO methods on how a website can appear on the first page of the search engine. If you are a blogger, search engine optimization beginner, website owner, Webmasters, etc. The course offers lots of things for those passionate about SEO to learn regarding their years of experience in the field.


4  Get Free Traffic to Your Website With SEO – Udemy

It is one of the best SRO classes online for anyone for learners to learn keyword research, On-Page optimization, WordPress, link building, etc. There is no need to stress yourself with the course because it has simple use of English for everyone to have fast comprehension and tools on the course are free for anyone who has an interest in it.


  1. Strategy 2021. How to rank your website #1 in Google – Udemy

The instructor for the course has over 12 years of experience in search engine optimization. There are several promotional strategies, methods for analyzing competitors, sourcing for the right keywords, etc. Also, it has different ways for people to optimize their websites and also digital marketing campaigns.


  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialization – Coursera

The course specializes in website optimization of content for ranking on search engines. Another thing search engine algorithms and tricks behind Google search engines will be revealed through the course. If you are a novice in search engine optimization, you can take part in the course to enhance your skills to acquire SEO ideas on performing several tasks.


  1. Advanced Search Engine Optimization Strategies – Coursera

The course has been classified by UC Davids and it centers on different things such as mobile, technical, social strategies, and techniques to increase website traffic. There are things to learn like building search engine optimization for international audiences using localization of content, optimizing for local search engines, and global team alignment.

After the end of the course, you will get techniques to use in optimizing mobile-friendly websites, leveraging social media, and discovering mobile apps. It is possible to spot out key SEO metrics to carry out data analysis for clients and stakeholders.


  1. Google SEO Fundamentals – Coursera

With the course, you can have a better understanding of search engine algorithms and their influence on organic search results. The Google SEO fundamental course will help you master ways of creating SEO strategies such as selecting keywords, consumer psychology, researching keywords, conducting On-Page SEO analysis, and many others.


  1. Increase SEO Traffic with WordPress – Coursera

The course has to do with methods to increase SEO on any WordPress website by using different methods such as categories, tags, backlinks, and also managing of contents to enhance the visibility of the website. Also, website analytics within WordPress to manage content on the website.


  1. Introduction to Bing SEO – Alison

Search Engine Optimization has a major role to increase both the quality and quantity of traffic to a website. It is a free course on SEO to help individuals understand ways to attract relevant users to their websites, and the major thing is optimizing the site to be seen on diverse search engines, importance of keywords, search engine methods, and many others.


  1. Build WordPress Sites That Attract Free Traffic – Alison:

If you have been yearning to build websites that will draw visitors with Search Engine Optimization, you can enroll in the course. You need to begin the course and be familiar with the latest techniques to gain high-quality traffic through keywords, hosting providers, Google rankings, etc. The instructor for the course has been building a WordPress site since 2004.


  1. SEO Foundations – LinkedIn Learning:

It is a practical course that involves the use of LinkedIn and also how to interpret web result pages. On the other hand, you will get experience on the importance of ranking in both large and small enterprises. There is a part of the course that centers on the implementation of optimization techniques to rank a site through external links, keyword research, internal links, optimizing webpages, etc.

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  1. SEO: Link Building – LinkedIn learning

Anason Alexander is the tutor for the course and he is willing to offer years of experience to SEO enthusiasts methods on different search engines rankings. Also, there are matters relating to links and how it affects webpage ranking, you will get different solutions to counter future scenarios with link building.


  1. Online SEO Certification Course – Shaw Academy

Shaw Academy is the provider of the course and it is free to accommodate struggling financially. The fundamental of Search Engine Optimization is taught here, optimization of social media strategy, copywriting, content development, reaching your target market, etc.


  1. SEO: Keyword Strategy – LinkedIn Learning

In marketing, one of the important things to do is finding the right keywords to use. Using the keywords to optimize a website can make it rank well to draw high traffic from the internet space. The digital marketing expert for the course is Matt Bailey and he covers things such as keywords, analyzing the right keywords, and implementation into diverse channels. Also, there are vital components the course cover such as customer intent, develop analytics, identifying trends, utilizing negative keywords, understand website rankings, and many others.


  1. International SEO – LinkedIn Learning:

The idea of the course is to enable one to create successful strategies for international SEO to reach international audiences, and it is essential to know the right steps to tread to make it happen. You can determine both global and regional markets by optimizing the content on your website for numerous countries. In the course, you can understand how different search engines handle both multiregional and multilingual content.


  1. Technical SEO – LinkedIn Learning

Technical SEO can offer you the right opportunities to maximize ROI and also increase lead generation. Technical SEO is necessary to have massive sales on the internet, and Dana DiTomaso will reveal different things such as site speed, URLs, architecture, using schema, etc. The instructor covers the efficacy of using keywords to rank websites.


  1. Advanced SEO: Developing an SEO-Friendly Website – LinkedIn Learning

The course will offer you knowledge on building a Search Engine Optimization website. After the end of the course, you will learn how to configure and navigate the SEO of a website. For you to excel in search engine optimization you have to understand different components to contribute to the visibility of any website.

Furthermore, there is a section in the course on how to optimize the different architecture to enhance site indexing, the impact of canonical URLs, building strong keywords into images, alt text, and many others. These things make it easier to rank a webpage in different search engines.


  1. Introduction to SEO: Tactics and Strategy for Entrepreneurs – Skillshare

It is 90 minutes course that gives individuals different tactics to optimize their contents organically to create an online presence for their businesses or brands. Entrepreneurs should get enrolled for the course, and also freelancers, copywriters, business owners, web designers, startups, etc. After the end of the class, you might be invited to test your skills in a given project based on the things you have learned.


  1. SEO Today: Strategies to Earn Trust, Rank High, and Stand Out – Skillshare

Skillshare is an awesome platform to learn different skills, and SEO today is one of those courses you can learn to carry out On-Page optimization, Google analytics, mobile SEO, and other search engine optimization methods. If you are familiar with SEO, you can take the course to have a deeper understanding of digital marketing campaigns, rather than doing mistakes that might derank your website.


  1. First Steps of SEO: Keyword Research and Website Optimization – Skillshare

The tips and tricks to appear on the first page of Google are inside the course. You will master the techniques in finding keywords and optimization of a website. There is a video specifically for keyword research for you to have confidence in finding keywords.



As a result of the importance of the internet bringing sellers with their buyers, search engine optimization is one of the important things that can draw traffic, sales, audiences, etc., to the website. You can take your time learning the rudiment of SEO by enrolling in SEO classes online to upgrade your skills.

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