20 Ways to Make Money online and Offline in Nigeria in 2022

20 Ways to Make Money online and Offline in Nigeria in 2022

20 Ways to Make Money online and Offline in Nigeria in 2022

Making money online is true to life and given that you have all that a particular online money-making idea requires, you’re very likely to carve out fortune from it.

The Nigerian business ecosystem may not seem as favourable as you desire but without any doubt, it houses tons of thriving businesses. In Nigeria, a good deal of online and offline businesses or activities count as verifiable ways of making money.

Ranging from freelancing to social media marketing, money-making ideas abound on the Internet and as such, it’s left to every Tom, Dick and Harry to find out the online jobs that fit their strengths.

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Whether you’re looking for a side business or willing to lay your hands on a full-time lucrative job, chances are that there’s a suitable online money-making idea for you.

However, some people do not find the Nigerian physical business environment any suitable. Therefore, such people have transitioned to differing online activities that align with their skills or competencies.

Inasmuch as Nigerians gravitate towards online businesses and find them lucrative, we definitely can’t deny that the online ecosystem contributes to the growth of money-making ideas in Nigeria.

Despite that online businesses have gained huge momentum in Nigeria, hardly can we shy away from the fact that offline businesses are still very much relevant in the country. Not every Nigerian fancies the idea of working online and so it is unsurprising that lots of Nigerians still search the internet for ways they can make money offline.

In view of that, we’ve been stimulated to find out the top 10 verifiable ways Nigerians can make money offline in 2022 which we will also cover in this comprehensive writeup.

Notably, some of these money-making ways are purely businesses that require capital for startup while few others are more or less offline activities that can fetch you a reasonable income.

With a new year around the corner, it would be fascinating that we  firstly take a look at the Top 10 Amazing Ways to Make Money Online in 2022.

1.Becoming an Instagram Influencer

Mockup, Screen, Smartphone, Website, Blog, Word

If you’re a staunch Instagram user with some huge following, this is perhaps your best bet for making money online without any prior monetary investment. Put simply, an Instagram influencer is a great personality who happens to have garnered a mouthwatering Instagram audience possibly through their field of endeavour. Such a personality could be a world-famous athlete, celebrity, musician, etc.

Needless to say, celebrities have a great shot at becoming Instagram influencers. However, this doesn’t mean that you must be a celebrity before you’re able to make yourself into an Instagram influencer. Quite frankly, there are non-celebrity Instagram influencers who probably carved out success through building a strong following.

Once you’ve built and maintained a huge Instagram following, you can tap into the idea of making money with Instagram by courting the attention of brands that would like to pay you for helping them sell ads, create sponsored posts, etc.

2.Running a YouTube Channel

Youtube, Tablet, News, App, Computer, Connection

If you’ll ever consider making money through online videos that people can download, YouTube is likely the best social media platform for you.

Of course, starting and growing a YouTube channel demands a great deal of dedication, skill and patience but you’re certain to begin making money after having garnered a huge subscriber base.

For a profitable YouTube channel, one great tip you should bear in mind is that majority of YouTube subscribers prioritize value-added content. This value-added content may be seen as comedy skits, product reviews, academic tutorials, etc., that will either educate or entertain the subscribers.

Advisably, you should stick to a specific niche rather than creating videos that cut across differing niches. Zeroing in your effort on a single niche helps you create a huge following of loyal subscribers in the long run.

3.Ebook Publishing

Kindle, Ereader, Tablet, E-Reader, Ebook, E-Book, Adult

Ebook publishing is really an exciting way to make money online. Whether you’ll write the books by yourself or hire a writer to do so, there are chances that Amazon KDP is your best bet for making success with ebook publishing.

While ebook publishing helps you rake in money quickly, it does require a number of inputs notably the ebook writing, the ebook cover design and the ebook formatting. If you can’t bear the rigour of doing all that or seem not to have the requisite skills, you should be ready to engage the services of an ebook writer, a graphics designer (for the ebook cover design) and somebody to help with the ebook formatting.


Entrepreneur, Start-Up, Man, Planning, Business, Office

Having to deal with the daily routine of traveling to and from your workplace might seem tiring at some point. While you might want to save yourself all the stress by transitioning to working online, freelancing could be your best bet.

Of course, you can opt to offer your normal services via popular freelance platforms such as Upwork, Freelancer and Fiverr. As a freelancer willing to render their service online, you could leverage on any of the listed platforms to draw people’s attention to your services.

Making success with freelancing demands some marketing as you’ll need to have an online profile on your chosen freelance site. You shouldn’t ignore sprucing up this online profile with details that reflect your professionalism. Prettily, having an eye-catching profile with evidence of remarkable track record tends to convince potential clients about your expertise.

5.Online Writing

Entrepreneur, Startup, Start-Up, Man, Planning

Online writing does guarantee you the likelihood of making money on a continual basis. This is because the explosive growth of content marketing, on one hand, creates employment opportunities for content writers and on the other hand, the ever-increasing number of blogs and websites means expert content writers will always land jobs.

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Importantly, making success with online writing requires you to have perfected your writing skill in a particular niche. This is because brands and other employers will not only require relevant samples from you but also expect traces of professionalism to reflect in your writing samples.

If you’re really bent on making money through online writing, do well to have a specific area of interest and devote ample effort to perfecting your writing skill in that area. Rather than trying to be an all-rounder writer, you should stick to a specific aspect of writing. This way, you can better tailor your expertise to the needs of your potential employers.

6.Online Tutoring

Teacher, Learning, School, Teaching, Classroom

If you’re exceptionally knowledgeable in a particular academic field, you could translate your wealth of knowledge into an income stream. Frankly, you can leverage on the idea of online tutoring to make cool money.

Compared to face-to-face tutoring within classrooms, online tutoring saves you a lot of stress while still helping you monetize your knowledge. But if you must win over the attention of potential students, you really need to network with other online tutors, identify how to get across to your probable clients and make good use of word of mouth to tell what you can offer.

To better prove your proficiency to potential clients, endeavour to have a degree in your chosen academic field.

7.TikTok Consultancy

Tiktok, App, Iphone, Phone, Social Media, The Iphone 11

TikTok has gained a dramatic momentum, making it a widely admired platform for sharing short videos. If you’re damn skilled at making awesome short videos, you could monetize your skill by selling ideas to brands.

Simply put, being a TikTok consultant requires you to sell ideas to brands concerning how to make engaging content such as killer bios and creative videos. Importantly, you must be able to craft ideas for videos that will not only get in front of a huge audience quickly but also keep the audience glued to a particular brand.

Through the idea of TikTok consultancy, you’re helping a brand with content that should augment the brand’s awareness, boost its reach and audience engagement.

8.Sale of Domain Names

Transfer Domain Rights with a Domain Name Sale Agreement | legalzoom.com

Buying and reselling domain names might not seem to you an idea many people have tapped into. While it’s favourably competitive however, it does offer you the opportunity of making cool bucks. Prettily, this idea of making money entails buying a good deal of high-demand domain names and reselling them at higher prices.

If you’re bent on this idea, you can learn more about selling domain names by visiting this site Domain Auction. Reviewing the domains on the site, you’ll gain insight about the kinds of domains in high demand. This way, you stand to have a real shot at buying domains that you can easily resell at higher prices.

While this idea of making money revolves around buying and reselling domains, you can easily figure out what domains are up for sale via Shopify domain registration.

During your search for sellable domains on Domain Auction by GoDaddy, you should zoom in attention on the domains with the most bids.

9.Website/Software/App Review

Web design review roundup: Our favorite Mac apps for building a website

Do you know some people get paid for reviewing apps and/or websites?

If you feel you can comfortably devote time to helping people review newly launched websites or apps, this idea might be the perfect match for you.

Notably, a site like User Testing rewards people for giving their opinions and recommendations about new apps or websites. Precisely, the site provides you with a series of questions which you’re expected to attempt.

You’ll be required to test new apps or websites and give feedback about the apps/websites. Your feedback should include an honest presentation of your experience (testing the site), your opinion(s) and your suggestion(s) to clients.

Meanwhile, you’ll have to communicate your experience (of any reviewed website/app) in a 20-minute video. On one hand, this idea requires you to always look out for newly added websites/apps and on the other hand, you need to quickly test your chosen app/website as there’s competition on the site.

For every 20-minute video, User Testing pays you $10, meaning that you can earn $60 after making 6 videos.

10. Creating and Selling Online Courses

MTC-LMS-Pages-Managing-Stress-Mockup-Web-Banner - MTC Training

This, obviously, is one great way for you to make money online if you’ve got expertise in a specific area of knowledge which is in high demand. For this idea to work, it is important that you know how to create a sellable online course in your field of expertise. Also important is selling the course on a profitable platform such as Udemy.

Advisably, conduct proper research on the Udemy courses related to your area of knowledge. While identifying user reviews of the courses, zoom in attention on the complaints or observable shortcomings highlighted by users. This way, you’ll gain insight about what you should do to make your proposed online course an improved version of the relevant existing courses.

Let us now consider Verifiable ways to make money offline in Nigeria in 2022.

1.Begin Tutorial Class for School-ready Kids

Boys, Kids, Children, Happy, Sitting

If you have a knack for imparting knowledge to others, you may consider rendering academic services as a private tutor. This could be the decent job that will hardly cost you a whole lot of money or resources to start. All you need is mastering the right approach for marketing yourself to the parents of your prospective pupils. This tutorial class idea is very likely to work because in Nigeria, many average citizens want education for their kids but cannot afford the supposedly expensive fees that many private schools charge. Your own cheap tutorial class might just come as the befitting alternative for such parents to give their children education.

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By the time you’ve comfortably attracted several school-ready kids, you can take advantage of that to persuade the kids’ parents to refer their neighbours’ kids to you. Once this works out with many more school-ready kids enrolled for your tutorial class, you may consider renting a sizeable space for running a school. If this pans out as expected, you’re most likely on the brink of starting your own school.

2. Become a Mini Importer


Mini importation is undisputedly one of the trendy offline businesses in Nigeria. Except you haven’t mastered the right strategy for plying the business, mini importation is certain to earn you a reasonable income in Nigeria.

Broadly, how this mini importation business works is by importing goods –such as shoes, bags, wristwatches, clothes, electronic gadgets, etc. –from a foreign country and selling them in Nigeria. To make robust success with this kind of business, you must figure out the country from which you can buy and import your desired commodities at very cheap rates.

Although depending on your desired commodity, mini importation is something you can start with less than #150,000 in Nigeria. But before you venture into mini importation as a route to make money in the country, try to first arm yourself with in-depth information about how to succeed in the business. In this regard, you can either learn from an experienced mini importer or search the Internet for well-written e-books about mini importation.

You might consider reading this complete guide on How To Start Mini Importation Business From China, Uk, Usa And Europe To Nigeria

3.Venture into Transport Business

How to Start a Successful Transportation Business In Nigeria - Oasdom

This is another offline and verifiable route for making money in Nigeria. It is a route that has attracted lots of Nigerians due to its ever-auspicious probability of profitability.

Nigeria is home to myriads of densely populated cities, making it a fact that transport business will always yield profit across Nigerian cities. Even without any knowledge of driving, you can start this transport business but in this case, you must be ready to hire somebody to drive your commercial car or bus.

If you already have a car or bus that can operate commercially, there might be no need for startup expenses. All you need to do is either choosing to drive on your own or hiring somebody to drive on your behalf. If the latter is what you consider satisfactory, be ready to negotiate your daily or (usually) weekly allowance with the driver. In Nigeria, it could be risky to have somebody drive your car/bus for you and that is why you must have thorough information about your prospective driver. Find out if he is the right person for engagement in terms of competence, experience, attitude, level of maturity and overall personality.

4.Start Printing and Selling Recharge Cards

Recharge Card Printing Business & Starting Costs (2022)

Printing and sale of recharge cards is one of the commonest offline ways to make money in Nigeria. This is because we can’t deny the fact that many people in Nigeria still rely on printed cards for loading airtime onto their phones.

If you’re interested in this kind of offline business, try to connect with those who supply recharge cards. Depending on your capital, you may opt to combine printing with selling or simply engage in selling alone.

We recommend that you consider selling airtime vouchers (recharge cards) of all the popular network providers in Nigeria. Although this business fetches you very meagre profit from each unit of recharge card sold, it is definitely one way you can make reasonable profit in the long run. This is simply because recharge cards sell fast in Nigeria and provided the business is sited in a heavily crowded business area, you’ll likely sell lots of vouchers daily.

There’s the widespread impression that sale of recharge cards isn’t profitable enough and as a way of augmenting their profit, many recharge card sellers in Nigeria operate in a diversified manner. Simply, they combine recharge card sale with various other trades. You too can do that if you’re pretty certain that you have sufficient capital.

5.Open a Restaurant or Eatery

Restaurant, Cooking, Chef, Kitchen, Food, Professional

Food business has always remained one of the most flourishing ventures that you can ply offline in Nigeria. Without any doubt, one of the reasons for this is that tons of Nigerians prefer to go out and purchase ready-to-eat food rather than cook by themselves.

With food business still thriving in Nigeria, one is certain to find at least one eatery or restaurant in any crowded business axis in the country. Whether your capital is large or small, you can start and run a food-specific venture of your own in Nigeria.

Depending on your capital, you can launch any of large-sized and mini restaurants in Nigeria. If you possess excellent culinary skill and believe you can commit ample time to the business, you may choose to partake in the business as a cook. But if it’s the other way round, you definitely need to hire cook(s) for the business.

Except when sited in the wrong location, your restaurant or eatery business is certain to rake in profit in Nigeria. Since restaurant/eatery business depends heavily on location for it to yield profit, you must research thoroughly about the best location for your restaurant or eatery.

6.Venture into Sale of Used Items

Ballet, Cards, Ornament, Sheet Music, Music, Dance

This is really a verifiable way to make money in Nigeria simply because many Nigerians prefer cheap second-hand items to new but expensive items. Provided they can be assured that the second-hand items are authentic, lots of Nigerians will be ready to buy them in place of the new ones.

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If you can site your business in the appropriate location and build a network of customers from friends, relatives, neighbours, etc. you’re very likely to succeed in this business path. Meanwhile, the good thing about this business of selling second-hand items is that you can buy a used gadget at a cheap price and resell at a moderately higher price.

Some of the items you should consider are fairly used phones, pressing irons, electric cookers, laptops, standing fans, etc. In this line of business, you should ascertain that the item you’re buying from somebody is in good condition. Also under seemingly risky circumstances, you may demand that intending sellers provide receipts serving as evidence that they are the real owners of what they are about to sell to you.

Location-wise, this business of reselling second-hand gadgets is expected to thrive in any area dominated by students of higher institutions in Nigeria.

7.Become an Event Planner

Wedding, Malaysia, Penang, Wedding Planner


If you have a knack for helping others organize ceremonies, you’re very likely to do well in the field of event planning.

Event planning is one of the lucrative service-based routes for making money offline and in Nigeria, lots of people are ready to pay others for the planning of their events.

Depending on your expertise, capital and certain other factors, you may choose to plan all kinds of events or simply restrict your scope of planning to a specific type of event. If you can fit into the role of a general event planner, you may be hired to plan a variety of events including love feasts, weddings, funeral ceremonies, year-end parties, birthday parties, etc.

You’ll definitely need capital to begin event planning simply because it is a venture that thrives on wide publicity. In simple terms, you need to extensively publicize your event planning business via different means such as a website, a social media network and a billboard. You’ll also need to acquire enough space for setting up an office as part of what enables you to appear professional in front of prospective clients.

Complimentary cards may form parts of the other elements for the adequate branding of the event planning business.

8.Run a Poultry Farm

Chickens, Birds, Poultry, Rooster, Hen, Cock, Animals

Although a capital-intensive route, poultry farming is one of the flourishing ways you can make money offline in Nigeria. Anyone familiar with how festive seasons –Christmas, New Year, Easter and Muslim Eids –are celebrated in Nigeria can testify that myriads of Nigerians buy full-fledged chickens during these seasons.

As a poultry farm owner in Nigeria, you can earn a few thousands of naira on each full-fledged chicken sold during festive seasons. Compared to certain other businesses involving animal rearing, poultry farming has the advantage of quick returns because chickens grow very fast.

Interestingly, another advantage is that the eggs of poultry creatures are in high demand thereby allowing you to rake in profit from the sale of poultry eggs.

9.Render Dry Cleaning Services

Laundry, Dry Laundry, Dry, To Wash, Clothes Line

Unarguably, dry cleaning business is one of the easy-to-run offline routes for making money in Nigeria. This is because you don’t need any special skill to operate as a drycleaner. All you have to do is gathering together the resources that let you set up the business in a suitable location. Capital will likely be required especially for acquiring a business space and purchasing business equipment –pressing irons, tables, washing machines, etc.

Except when sited in the wrong location, dry cleaning is certain to thrive in Nigeria. In terms of location, you have to consider areas with a sizeable population of formal businessmen, banks, corporate organizations, etc. More often than not, people working in banks and other corporate organizations do not have the luxury of time to always dry-clean their dirty laundry by themselves.

After establishing yourself as a dry cleaner, you should consider marketing yourself by means of complimentary cards, business banners, etc. Try also not to disappoint your customers. Treating these customers well may encourage them to refer friends or relatives to you for dry-cleaning purposes.

10.Operate as a Phone Repairer

Mobile, Phone, Cellphone, Technology, Electronics

This is most probably a distinct route from the other offline monetization routes in this post simply because you need to have acquired the skill of phone repair before you can accurately repair phones.

Nevertheless, phone repair is a skill you can acquire in relatively short duration. Also, you needn’t acquire huge capital before you can set up yourself as a phone repairer in Nigeria.

Anyone passionate about unraveling technical problems –whether software or hardware-related –in phones can take advantage of phone repair to turn their passion into a profit-yielding activity. All that is needed is committing adequate time and effort to the mastery of phone repair.

Final Thoughts

Making money online is very realistic but oftentimes, you need to assess your skill set so that you can have a clear picture of how to monetize your proficiency through the Internet. The same applies to making money offline. We believe you’ve been adequately fed with information about some of the verifiable ways you can make money both online and  offline in Nigeria.

For any of these  monetization paths you intend to tread, we advise that you do your findings and master the strategy for succeeding.

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