With IT proficiency being a strong passport to employment opportunities, it is beyond argument that computer schools are indispensable institutions within the economic environment.

Myriads of computer graduates have gone ahead to contribute immensely to the growth of Nigeria’s ICT sector. Probably by building strategic software, such tech-savvy graduates have proffered solutions to the digital problems of many businesses across vital industries.

Inasmuch as we cannot downplay the essence of the ICT sector, we can as well not belittle the contributions of computer schools that churn out graduates who’ll go ahead to promote the sector.

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Among many Nigerian youths, there’s a strong crave for certifications in IT-related skills. With this trend very likely to continue, it is highly predictable that computer schools in Nigeria will remain reckonable forces for years to come.

Nigerian parents interested in enrolling their children in computer schools may want to know the best institutions for computer training in the country. Based on our well-conducted findings, here are the 10 best computer schools for training students in Nigeria:

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1.NIIT Nigeria

NIIT is a Lagos-based computer training institute with a comprehensive suite of training programmes for its students. The acclaimed institute, which has been in existence for more than 20 years, is an award-winning citadel for computer education. NIIT has equipped thousands of Nigerian youths with computer skills, making it one of the leading computer schools in Nigeria.

Although headquartered in Lagos, NIIT is a wide-covering institute with more than 15 branches across Nigeria. Over and over, NIIT has succeeded in producing market-ready and internationally certified individuals. Such individuals readily possess the skillset for performing remarkably in the ICT sector. In the light of this, it’s agreeable that NIIT is committed to the promotion of the ICT sector through its turnout of skilled labourers.

NIIT’s package of programmes is considered comprehensive with some of the offered programmes being Big Data, Blockchain, Python, Power Business Intelligence (BI), Digital Marketing, Machine Learning with R, Internet of Thing (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence.

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2.Aptech Computer School

Aptech is a high-profile computer institute that has produced thousands of Nigerian computer graduates. Founded in 1986, Aptech Computer School parades itself as a ground for aspirants of computer-related skillset to achieve their dreams. The computer school is particularly suitable for students willing to venture into information technology, network architecture, software engineering, programming and web design.

Aptech offers courses that will help students meet up with international standards. Beyond that, all of the offered courses are certified and remarkably, some of Aptech’s trainees are said to have come from various industries including aviation, fintech and banking.

With Aptech’s branches spread across the country, it’s noteworthy that the high-profile computer school has trained as many as 200,000 Nigerian students. While Aptech constitutes the long-standing citadels for computer education in Nigeria, the computer school adopts the appropriate teaching model for students to systematically advance from basic to complex courses.

3.C.T Computer Institute

C.T Computer Institute is one of the reliable schools for excellent computer training in Nigeria. It is a training centre students can bank on for some of the best tutors in the country.

If you’ve always wished for a computer school with a good number of globally relevant courses, CT. Computer Institute is one of your best options. Some of the professional and relevant programmes the institute offers include Desktop Publishing, E-Trading & Forex Trading, Auto Cad 2D, 3D & Stadpro, Advanced Graphics Design, Computer Maintenance & Repairs, Software Programming, and Web Design & Development.

With the aim of delivering excellent training, C.T Computer Institute is generously equipped with essential needs ranging from dependable power supply down to practical courses and a great deal of computer facilities.

4.New Horizons Nigeria

New Horizons Nigeria is never a low-rated institute among Nigeria’s computer institutes. Therefore, it maintains a laudable footing, courtesy of its partnership with Android, Microsoft and other world-class tech outfits.

New Horizons Nigeria consistently rides on the strength of its expert staff/tutors in maintaining remarkable business ethics and in imparting quality education to students. While the institute furnishes students with skills that meet up with international standards, it is said to have trained thousands of Nigerian students.

New Horizons Nigeria may not be as popular as some of the other computer institutes on this list. Nonetheless, it’s been widely lauded for its qualitative computer training.

5.Nova IT Academy

Nova IT Academy is another computer school with recognized and certified programmes for aspiring students. The Lagos-based computer institute is committed to helping students acquire the requisite ICT skills for career development.


The training mode of Nova IT Academy is considered flexible as it allows the trainees access to both on-campus and off-campus education. Moreover, this computer school is equipped with high-minded, diligent and patient tutors. With this, it is believable that the tutors at Nova IT Academy possess the required attributes for transferring IT skills to students.

Nova IT Academy has a special focus on ICT and this is why the institute is strongly committed to training students in the use of ICT for career advancement. Irrespective of the programmes they are taking, students of Nova IT Academy are guaranteed wide recognition and certification.

6.Ami-tech Computer Training Institute

Ami-tech is a computer school headquartered in Minna, Niger state. The school avails students the opportunity to choose from a broad range of programmes including project management, hardware engineering, basic computer awareness, java, digital creativity and MCSE.

Ami-tech Computer Training Institute is equipped with a good number of high-minded tutors and is considered one of the best Nigerian computer schools for aspiring students of programming. Ami-tech’s suite of programming courses incorporates the following courses: PHP, XHTML, CSS, MYSQL, HTML 5, HTML and AJAX.

7.SGL Technologies

Based in Ikeja, Lagos State, SGL Technologies is a citadel for sound education in the field of information technology. It boasts excellent tutors who work diligently in ensuring qualitative IT education for their students.

Besides possessing some of the best Nigerian tutors in the aspect of IT, SGL Technologies offers an almost-exhaustive package of programming education. With this making SGL Technologies one of the best computer institutes for programming education in Nigeria, aspirants keen to learn programming will certainly find this school a worthy citadel. Some of the programming languages offered are Databased MYSQL, JAVA EE platform, XHTML, JavaScript, Cascading styles sheet, Java SE 8 and HTML.


With branches across Nigeria’s notable cities, Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja, Firstlogic cements its place among Nigeria’s leading centres for computer training. Meanwhile, Firstlogic is said to be a long-standing citadel for computer education with more than 15 years of qualitative training of students.

Firstlogic is, particularly, an acclaimed centre for IT and programming in Nigeria. Dozens of individuals have graduated from Firstlogic with certifications in recognized computer courses.

If programming education is your chief need from a Nigerian computer school, you’ll likely find your desired programming skill in Firstlogic’s all-inclusive programming package. Here are some of the programming languages that Firstlogic offers education in:

  1. Hybrid cross-platform mobile development
  2. Kotlin for Android programming
  3. SQL fundamental programming
  4. Clean code
  5. HTML 5 and CSS3 web design
  6. AJAX Programming with Jquery
  7. XML Naming and Design rules
  8. Oracle database administration
  9. Secure coding
  10. PHP programming
  11. C programming for specific task
  12. Java secured programming
  13. Developing iOS application for mobile
  14. Python for Data
  15. Java programming
  16. Advance Java Script
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9.HiiT Plc

HiiT is a notable computer school believed to have churned out dozens of graduates. Such graduates can be found manning certain computer-specific tasks in industries across Nigerian states.

HiiT maintains a remarkable standard which aligns with the certifications preferred by the Computer Professionals Registration Council of Nigeria. While HiiT has remained operative for not less than two decades, the acclaimed computer school commands exceptional proficiency in the areas of education, consultancy and information technology.

With HiiT proclaiming itself as Nigeria’s best indigenous institute for computer training, it is unsurprising that the institute churns out lots of computer experts and significantly contributes to the growth of the Nigerian ICT sector.

10.Mikon Institute of Information Technology

This is another acclaimed institute with a special focus on programming. Headquartered in Benin City, Edo State, Mikon Institute of Information Technology is a computer school with a broad range of ICT programmes for its students.

Like the other computer schools in this post, Mikon Institute of Information Technology rides on the spine of its well-grounded tutors in imparting excellent IT knowledge to its students.

Courtesy of its comprehensive course package, Mikon Institute of Information Technology has courses suited for various classes of learners including professionals, developers and beginners. Some of Mikon’s courses include Autocad, NET programming, CIBN, ACCA, ICAN, sage accounting, Java programming, PDMS, Revit, MCITP and Oracle.


Some of the discussed computer schools are best suited for programming education while several others possess comprehensive course packages. If you’re much more interested in programming, we suggest you look the way of Firstlogic, Mikon or SGL Technologies.

But if you need general exposure to computer education (and hope to choose specific programme(s) in the course of your education), you’ll find any of the listed schools useful for your computer education.

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